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            Game Rules

            Welcome to the world of Coin Dozer!

            We hope you're ready for an adventure because you're about to unlock ancient treasure chests to collect ancient jewels and gems. Playing the game is easy and fun, just like playing the real-world coin pusher machine in an arcade.

            How to Play

            Upon initial launch, you’ll see a short intro and tutorial. Tap the pusher to drop coins on it. Your primary goal is to drop coins and use them to push the other coins off the platform over the front edge.
            Be careful!
            Any items pushed off the side are lost!


            Coin Counter
            In the top left corner, the Coin Counter displays your current coin balance. Every coin you drop on the pusher will decrease your coin balance. Increasing your coin balance is easy – just collect new coins and other items by pushing them over the front edge of the platform.

            Online Coin Regeneration

            If you run out of coins, don't worry. You get one free coin for every 25 seconds of gameplay, so you can keep on enjoying the game.

            Offline Coin Regeneration

            You’ll keep earning free coins even if you close the game! Every 9 minutes one free coin will be added to your coin balance!

            Coin Regeneration Limit

            Free coin regeneration will stop when you reach the coin regeneration limit of 40 coins, and you will no longer receive free coins.

            Coin Cool-Down Time

            When you drop coins fast, the first six coins are dropped without any delay, but after the 6th coin, you need to wait a moment to drop the next coin.
            Free Coins
            Players can receive Free coins by completing the free coin offers. To view these offers, tap on the Free Coins Button, select an option from the Offer Wall and either Watch a Video or Install an App to get your reward!

            Coin Attack

            To activate a Coin Attack, quickly collect four or more coins at once! The Coin Attack will create Special Coins, Prizes and Puzzle Pieces for you to add to your collection.

            Silver Coins

            Silver coins are similar to a standard coin however they add two coins to your coin balance and an additional 2XP.


            Every coin you collect fills your Shake meter. You can activate it when it reaches one of the three levels: Low, Medium or High. Activating this feature shakes the table making the coins on the edge fall off the table, increasing your coin balance.

            Gold Bars

            Gold Bars are the second most important game currency, and they will allow you to purchase instant boosts and collect extra prizes and puzzle pieces.

            Free Gold Bars
            Earn Free Gold Bars by completing the Free Gold Bars Offers. Tap on the Free Gold Bars Button, select an option from the Offer Wall and either Watch a Video or Install an App to earn your reward!

            Experience Points – XP

            Every item you collect adds Experience Points to your XP balance shown on the blue progress meter at the top of the screen. You can view your current level in the circle to the left of the progress bar, and once the meter is full, you will advance to the next level.

            Leveling up is essential to continuing the adventure! Not only does it unlock new rooms, game features and upgrades for you, but it also rewards you with coins, gold bars, and special coins.


            There is a 12-piece-puzzle in every Coin Dozer room. Collect golden puzzle pieces to solve the puzzle and receive a huge amount of coins and gold bars! Once you solve a puzzle, the next one unlocks for you.

            You can check your current Puzzles status by tapping on the PRIZES button on the top right and then selecting the PUZZLES tab in the window. Puzzles will unlock at level 5! Keep pushing coins to gain the XP necessary to level up!


            Boosts are coins with special in-game effects to help you. You can either collect them by pushing them off the table, or by purchasing them with gold bars in the Boosts menu (‘Boosts' button with a lightning strike on the right-hand side of the screen). You'll also earn boosts every time you level up.

            Coin Walls

            To avoid losing coins off the sides of the platform, you can build Coin Walls! All of your coins will be guided directly to the front of the table, but the walls will disappear soon. Act quick and take advantage of this special boost!

            Mega Coin

            Mega Coin is a powerful boost! It falls from the sky like a meteor making the platform shake after a powerful hit and pushing, even more coins over the front edge.

            Mega Dozer

            The Mega Dozer boost allows your pusher to move much further on the platform, resulting in more coins collected. Players will also receive extra coins with this boost as more coins will fall on the platform while the pusher is moving back after a Mega Dozer effect.

            XP Coin

            Collect Bonus XP coins to level up faster! Each XP Coin has a label with the number of XP points players will earn.

            Coin Shower

            Make it rain! Collect the Coin Shower boost, and five free coins will be dropped on the pusher.

            Gift Coin

            If you come across a Gift Coin, four random items will be dropped on the pusher. These items are chosen at random and could be Coins, Special Coins, or Prizes.

            Magic Flow

            Save your Coins from falling off the sides of the platform with this boost! The Magic Flow will activate magic force fields on the sides of the platform saving all of the coins falling into it. Use this opportunity to push coins in all directions!

            Secret Box

            Nobody knows what treasures rest in the Secret Box! Collect it and find out for yourself. Coins? Gold bars? Boost? Special Coins? It could be any of those treasures or all of them!


            Prizes are the most desirable treasures of the game and collecting a prize will give you 5 XP. Every prize exists in 4 colors: Blue, Green, Red, and Purple.  When you receive a prize in all four colors, you complete a prize set. Automatically trade a full prize set for one Magic Potion which can be used to upgrade game features.

            To view a list of all available and collected prizes, tap on the PRIZES button on the top right of the screen. Seven standard prizes are available in every Coin Dozer room, and every room has a unique collection of 4 prizes.


            To get the most out of Coin Dozer you should unlock upgrades which improve 20 different game features! You can buy upgrades buy spending Magic Potions or real money.

            Tap on the PRIZES button and then open the UPGRADES tab to see the list of available upgrades. Some of them require a particular level of achievement so keep focusing on leveling up!


            Every time you complete a Free Coins or Free Gold Bars offer you receive a treasure chest containing a sacred amulet. Once players collect all three types of amulets, they receive an additional 20 Gold Bars.
            Check your current Treasure inventory by tapping on the PRIZES button on the top right and selecting the TREASURE tab in the window.

            Hourly Gift

            Sometimes an Hourly Gift banner will appear on the side, which lets you open a treasure chest containing a free gift! After you watch a short video, your gift will arrive. It could be Coins, Gold Bars, or a Boost!

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